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Welcome To The Log Cabin Garden

The Log Cabin Garden only supply HIGH QUALITY LOG CABIN KITS & GARDEN PRODUCTS but keep our prices low. So if you are looking for the best call us now at The Log Cabin Garden

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The Log Cabin Garden superior windows Double Glazing, Tilt & Turn, Weather proof seals & 5 point locking system

Welcome to the Log Cabin Garden, Please se our product range ofLog Cabin Garden, Log Cabins, Clockhouse Log Cabin, Storage, Car Ports, Gazebos






Welcome to The Log Cabin Garden where we have the best Log Cabins at the cheapest prices and our customer service is the highest around. We also have the largest range of Log Cabin Kits in the UK in different styles and sizes with many exclusive to us & all of our Log Cabins are available in Twin Skin or Insulated format. The Log Cabin Garden products are delivered free to most of England & Wales. We are also expanding our range all the time & now sell many other garden products. So if you are looking for fantastic service with quality products come to us, The Log Cabin Garden. Coming soon 70mm + 70mm Twin skins for residential use great for holiday parks. Make sure you check out our three budget cabins they are priced to sell.

We believe that when every customer purchses a Log Cabin from us that it should be of the highest quality. That's why we at The Log Cabin Garden have worked extremely hard with our factories to get the standards of our Cabins to the highest in the industry but still keeping the affordable prices customers deserve. The problems other companies face like missing parts, leaking windows and doors, poor quality of wood and bad service are all factors that do not apply with our Log Cabins. We believe here at The Log Cabin Garden we have the biggest range and best quality Log Cabins AT THE CHEAPEST PRICES anywhere in the UK. We can supply Log Cabins to suit any purpose including Garden Offices, Garden Rooms, Games Rooms, Gyms, Garden Storage, Potting Sheds, Hot Tub Houses, Garages, Stables, Granny Annexes, Art Studios, & much more. Our Twin Skin Log Cabins have insulated walls, floors and roofs, making them ideal for use all year. If you wood like to ask any questions or need any advice about your Log Cabin purchase then please contact us here at The Log Cabin Garden. We have many years experience in the garden building industry and will be pleased to help.

Summer Houses

See our fantastic designs of quality summer houses at Summer Houses UK

Corner Summer House

Why are our Windows and Doors Superior

The first thing is the high build quality of our Windows And Doors it really is second to none. Then there is the high spec, with added rubber seals (even on the cheapest buildings), Euro Double Glazing, on all buildings from 34mm wall thickness and Tilt And Turn with 5 point locking system from 44mm buildings and thicker.

 2.5 m Log Cabins

3m Log Cabins

4m Log Cabins

5m Log Cabins

2.5m Log Cabins by The Log Cabin Garden

3m Log Cabins by The Log Cabin Garden

4m Log Cabins by The Log Cabin Garden

5m Log Cabins by The Log Cabin Garden

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6m Log Cabins

Large Log Cabins


Twin Skins

6m Log Cabins by The Log Cabin Garden

Large Log Cabins by The Log Cabins Garden

The Clockhouse Log Cabin by The Log Cabin Garden

Twin Skin Log Cabins by The Log Cabin Garden

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Alpine Log Cabins



Bespoke designs

Alpine Log Cabins by The Log Cabin Garden

Garage Log Cabins, Interlocking Garages, Log Cabin Garages by The Log Cabin Garden

Stable Log Cabins, Interlocking Stables, Log Cabin Stables by The Log Cabin Garden

Bespoke Log Cabins from The Log Cabin Garden

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Our Log Cabins Windows & Doors are the highest quality you will find anywhere with added rubber seals, Double Glazing on 34mm & Tilt & Turn on 44mm & larger. Click Here

The Log Cabins we supply are the best available. No filler, No finger joints just very high quality Log Cabins. Check what you are buying from others. Click Here

Many customers comment on how much better our service is than other companies. Our staff are freindly, helpful & knowledgable with vast experience. Click Here 

We have the Largest Log Cabin Range in the UK & are adding to it all the time, with many designs & sizes plus a bespoke design service for special Cabins. ClickHere


Window and Door quality is worth checking when purchasing a Log Cabin as this is where our competitors skimp to make more profit on their buildings    

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